A Health Plant for A Health Human Part 2

Drip, Dew, Dewdrop, Water, Drop Of Water, Leaf, Halm
Image is from Pixabay

Here is part 2 of Monday’s post, house plants with health benefits that you might not know about. I had terrible asthma as a kid, but my aunt took me to the fields every Sunday, and we would pick wildflowers. It’s one of the most beautiful memories I remember of my childhood. Sadly, now most flowers scents give me a headache for an unknown reason.


Lavender, Flowers, Field, Purple Flowers

A gentle scent of it I can handle, but lavender scented candles bother my nose.

Benefits are:

  • Helps with anxiety, depression
  • Improves with restlessness and sleeping

Care Plan:

  • Likes the sun
  • Prefer well-drained soil
  • Needs deep watering, but be careful not to water them very often

English Ivy

Ivy, English Ivy, Plants, Green, Foliage, Leaves, Trunk

Benefits are:

  • It helps with mould, therefore allergies
  • May help with asthma or difficulty breathing at night

Note: English Ivy is poisonous, so it needs to be kept out of reach from kids and pets. (This makes it impossible for me to own because my dog end up finding a way to reach it)

Care Plan:

  • Thrives under fluorescent light but not direct sunlight
  • The soil needs to be moist but soggy

Snake Plant

Snake Plant, Plant, Plant Pot, Decorative, Decoration

I have a feeling that I mixed up the spider plant with the Snake plant. I’m not sure which type of plant there was at my school. The leaves look so similar.

Benefit is:

  • Better Air Quality in the room

Care Plan:

This Snake Plant is one of the easiest plants to take care of; they barely need to be watered and don’t the sun.

It’s a wrap from my end for today, and I hope you enjoyed this post too.



All images are from Pixabay


6 thoughts on “A Health Plant for A Health Human Part 2

  1. The main difference between snake plants and spider plants is that spider plants leaves are flimsy, snake plants are stiff, standing more upright. The coloring/design on snake plants look like snakes, which is why they call them “Snake Plants”…lol

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  2. These plants kill the microorganisms present in the air and detoxify the air. All of these plants can reduce high BP just by it’s sweet scent. The info is very great.

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