A Fish With A Wedding Ring

Image is from Bored Panda

My thoughts on luck have changed as I grew older. As a kid, I believed in fairytales because they were the first books I read. As a teen, everything had a dark side, so I couldn’t see luck if it hit me in the face. With age, I matured, and my view changed again because positive things are out; you just have to stop and look.

It’s a known fact that there will be more trash in the sea than fish in the upcoming years if it is not like that already. In a way, this is affecting the food chain the same trash we putting in the sea is coming back up on our plates. We all know how yummy plastic is! Anyway, Susan Prior was driving, taking part in a clean-up when a shiny fish. When she went to take a closer look, she found out this tiny fish had a wedding ring around its neck. The ring is worth around £1,000.

Luckily Susan had seen a post on social media that someone had lost a wedding ring in that area early that day. She says that finding trash around sea life necks is a daily occurrence which I’m not surprised with the amount of garbage that is ending up in seas and oceans. Susan advises that we remove any ring-shaped objects before we recycle them.

Based on her research, the diver says that golf balls are one of the worst things you can throw in the ocean or sea. Since when the materials that the golf balls are made of when they break down, they become a long elastic band. This rubber, in time, ended up entangled with seaweed and corals. Do you want to guess where it will end up next? You guessed, your plate. I hope that post will make us think where and how we place our garbage.




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