June Wrap Up 2021

Photos and Memories

Trans Lifeline – Tab For A Cause

LGBT+ Activists Around The World Part 3

Off The Topic Thursdays/ She

Catfished And Young

LGBT+ Activists Around The World Part 2

LGBT+ Activists Around The World Part 1

Let’s Talk About HIV and AIDS

Ask Google LGBT+ Edition

She’s Too Pretty to Burn by Wendy Heard


Oh gosh, what a month, although I don’t entirely hate it since it taught me a thing or two about who I am. For some unknown reason, my dyslexia was in full force. I wanted to write so badly, but it felt like I was writing in a language I don’t know. I tend to flip words; an example is writing “how” as “Who”. I had to write the exact thing five times just to make it understandable.

I have had some stress that with being an adult, like housing. When I’m under a lot of pressure, I can’t read or write correctly, which sucks for the writer within me, and I start to put myself down, which worsens things. With hormones, you get fat dispersion, and some of it has ended up in my chest, which I’m unhappy about, of course.

On a positive note, I reached the goal of 300 books read this year. I looked at all the novellas on my kindle, and I found 41, which I will read next. I am happy to few the number of books on my kindle because it has become overwhelming. It was fun to create the pride month posts I did, and I hope you enjoyed them too. When my laptop broke, I lost some of my independence since I can’t write by hand.


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