Five Positive Steps The World Took Towards The LGBT+ Community In 2020

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I want this pride month on a positive note, so here are five things that happened in 2020 for the LGBT+ community. The statistics tell a story that more people needed mental health help; the list includes LGBT+ people. From the looks of this article, here are five ways that helped and will help to break the barriers put on this community decades ago.

Ending Conversion Therapy

Not going to lie; I thought that the world was more open-minded than to have Conversion Therapy still practised. However, in 2020 lawmakers went against Trump’s believes and outlawed this therapy in Utah and Virginia in the case of minors. Furthermore, Germany and Albania became the fifth and sixth countries in the world to make this therapy illegal.

Growing Support for Marriage Equality

This time it was the leader of the Catholic Church who took the step. In the documentary Francesco, Pope Francis said that gay people are “children of God and have a right to a family.” He then adds, “What we have to create is a civil union law. That way, they are legally covered.” I count this as a far step in the right direction than the church I grew up in.

Politics and Representation

The world saw a shift in 2020 when it comes to queer people being elected in politics. In Malta, there were situations where if the party you are on is against LGBT+ laws, you vote like your party even if you are LGBT+ yourself.

Anyway, here are some LGBT+ politicians that are hoping to make a change. Marie Cau became the first transgender mayor elected in France. Belgium chose Petra de Sutter as the country’s new Deputy Prime Minister, making her the highest-ranking transgender politician in the EU. In the US, November’s election results moved queer Americans to dance in the streets. Over 220 LGBTQ candidates won positions of power, including Sarah McBride, the first transgender person elected to a state Senate, and Ritchie Torres, the first gay Afro-Latino man elected to Congress.

Luckily, unlike Trump, Biden seems to be an ally. At least, that’s what I can say from his actions so far. But, of course, I’m not American, so my point of view is that of an outsider.

Poland Stands Up for LGBT+ Rights

Poland has to be the most anti-LGBT+ country in Europe. Not going to lie; I’m surprised they were allowed to join the EU and still be so anti-LGBT+. What I mean is when Malta joined in 2006, we were pushed to have better laws on areas like equality. By August of last year, people had enough and took protests to the street. This event ended up in “Polish Stonewall.” Due to its likeness in the New York Stonewall in 1969.

Trans Freedom

The trans community is a minority that has smaller minorities within it. When it comes to black trans people, they have to fight transphobia and racism. I mean, dealing with transphobic humans is hard enough. Having to deal with race issues on top of that must be unbearable. The Brooklyn Liberation protest took place on June 14.

An estimated 15,000 people gathered in Brooklyn to march for Black trans lives. What lead to this march is the murder of 2 black trans women not even 24 hours apart. Standing up and saying no to hate crime is what creates the change. According to Transgender Europe, at least 350 trans people were murdered worldwide, and more than half were black. The positive exposure that people like Elliot Page and Valentina Sampaio are getting might change some people’s point of view.

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  1. Every time the Pope tries to say something positive about the LBGTQ community, the Vatican “clarifies” something. And let’s not forget, a few years ago in response to a Spaniard who was a trans man, no we can’t be godparents in the eyes of the Church.

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