My Thoughts On Special (The Series)

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Since my laptop broke this morning, I can no longer blog about what I had in mind because it requires research that I don’t know how to do on the Ipad yet. So I went on Netflix and re-watched the first episode of Special. Special is a series on Netflix is based on the memoir I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves. The author Ryan O’Connell is the person who plays Ryan in the series too.

I could relate with Ryan straight away. He was doing psychotherapy and discussing with his therapist how to non-disabled people he is viewed as too disabled. However, when he’s looked at from the view of a disabled, he might be seen as ‘too abled’. In my teens, I faced this situation until I learnt to be myself because there is no one else I can be.

Another thing that stood out in my eyes was how hard it is for Ryan’s my mum, to let go of her protection on her son so he can gain some independence. Since people like myself might need more help from others, they tend to forget that we are adults and wish to be treated as adults.



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