My Laptop Broke

Hey everyone,

Image from Pixabay

I have some bad news my laptop broke this morning; I will take it to the shop tomorrow to see what they tell me. I have till Thursday pre-blogged. I don’t know what I can blog on my Ipad. My laptop is my lifeline to the world. I don’t want to get mad or anything because it won’t do me any good away.

I might be able to post some poetry, but I won’t promise anything. I will try and like as many posts as I can from the WordPress app for blogs I follow. The important thing is that I’m safe and healthy, and I have to make do for the time being. Thanks for the support, and I hope to back soon.



9 thoughts on “My Laptop Broke

  1. Apple keeps discussing about its accessibility features on the iPad, and that it can work with a traditional keyboard and mouse now, plus a plethora of alternative input devices (which sadly most tech blogs, at least US-focused ones, don’t ever seem to go in-depth about). Can maybe any of those help?

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