When Is It Too Late To Come Out?

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While I wish that there will be no need to come out and being LGBT+ is the norm. I’m giving you two answers to the upcoming question. One while I was in the closet, and the other is from what I know now. It took more than 13 years since I realized that I see gender differently since my gender and body never came full circle. On my 21st birthday, it was a do or die situation literally, but I still felt it was too late for me.

Knowing what I know now, I would say that it is NEVER too late. I just found 2 articles that show this First, the Independent leads how there was a rise in the number of people that are 65 or older that have come out. The other is by the Mirror announced that Demi has come out as non-binary.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people identifying as either lesbian, gay or bisexual has risen from 0.7 per cent in 2018 to one per cent in 2019. We don’t have gender-related data because the questions about it were added this year, so we will the results next year.

I suspect that there was a rise even when it comes to gender-related coming up. This brings me to the following article, the one I saw was by the Mirror, but I’m sure there are many more. Anyhow, it broke my queer heart when I learned that Demi wasn’t allowed to come out by what they call the ‘patriarchy’. I don’t know about everyone else by in my case, the closet was a bunch of mind games and not a great place to be.


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5 thoughts on “When Is It Too Late To Come Out?

  1. For older generations, it is not too late to come out, because during their youth coming out would have meant social ostracization almost anywhere, as opposed to just from conservative parents/areas. Or, others may have dated and married someone at a very young age, wanted to raise a family, or had that pressure to remain “normal” to provide for their families, and it wasn’t until all the kids were grown up and out of the house did one of the parents finally feel like they were in a safe space financially, emotionally to finally admit their orientation or gender identity. Some people don’t come out till later in life because they didn’t realize that there can be a difference between loving someone, and being in love with someone. And some people, they’re really career driven and didn’t give love or self identification much of a thought until they finally got to that point later in life where it finally did matter.

    It’s never to late to come out.

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  2. It took me till I was 27 and when you said to me you felt too old I first talked to you as you’d only came out a few months b4 me or near enough came out I could feel you being reassured after talking to me and I bet after the research was more reassuring

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      1. Yh it is so freeing when that happens my drs finally gave me a new nhs number a couple months back and my gender marker changed too

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