Ask Google LGBT+ Edition

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Like most people, I do come up with the randomness of questions that I never have the time to answer. This is where this idea came from. I’ll sit down and ask Google in the hopes that I find an answer. Since it’s June, it’s time to make an LGBT+ community find out.

What’s the average number of queer people in the world?

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Ok, so the most recent article I found was by from last years. Here is some Statistics:

1.7% of individuals in the US identify as being either gay or lesbian. An estimated 19 million Americans (8.2% of the US population) have engaged in same-sex sexual behaviour. An estimated 25.6 million Americans (11% of the US population) have acknowledged same-sex attraction.  63% of Americans reported that homosexuality should be accepted by society. This was a 123% increase from the same report in 2006.

When did the first pride take place?

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According to, it took place on Sunday, June 28, 1970, at around noon. In New York, gay activist groups held their own pride parade, known as the Christopher Street Liberation Day. On the first anniversary of the stonewall events. This brings to mind a book I want to read called Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights by Ann Bausum.

Is there LGBT+ publishing Houses?

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Yes, I know they exist because there is one called Kotba Queer, whose website I can’t find, but if I do find it, I will link it. I found a site with a list of them which I will link here. One that caught my eye is Homofactus. Calls itself a digital, global micro-publishing company committed to publishing books by, for, and about trans masculine folks, FTMs, and transmen, emphasising communities of colour and disability communities. I put this question on purpose because I know that many bookworms like myself follow my blog.



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    1. Than gay travel everything else on ur post is good though and it’s good to know what it’s like in USA


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