Off The Topic Thursdays/ Bathroom

Male and Female Signage on Wall
Image from Pexels

It is like going to the lion’s den

It’s likely to be one of the unsafety places

For someone like me

To be

When your looks

Aren’t feminine or masculine

Gender labels become blared

To the people out here

And let me tell you, assuming

Isn’t fair



2 thoughts on “Off The Topic Thursdays/ Bathroom

  1. Universal bathrooms; not just for trans people, but family members with kids of a different gander, caretakers with clients/family of a different gender, just being a larger room can help the physically disabled more easily access a toilet.. Bathrooms are rarely 100% full; retrofit them to be single stall rooms. If businesses want to sell to the public, they got to accomodate ALL of the public.

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