May Wrap Up 2021

Off The Topic Thursdays/ Would You Love Me If

Rules Around The World Part 1

Top Ten Tuesday/ Match Quote To Book

Employment and Accessibility

Let’s Talk Pronouns

Benefits Of Sushi

Storm in A B Cup – A Breast Cancer Tale by Lindy Dale


Not going to lie this month; I had days where I wanted to quit blogging altogether. Luckily since I somewhat pre-blog the week’s posts during the weekend. After my work shift, I tend to come home, eat something, check emails while listening to a book and go to bed. Fitting in researching and writing a post would be close to impossible.

What I was shocked by is the element of gender dysphoria since I started hormones. It had calmed down, but it showed its head again this month which sucks. Interestingly, I haven’t dated in more than two years, and I got used to being single; however, this month, for some reason, I missed having a partner.

On top of everything, my hormones medication was out of stock, which was scary. Thanks to my lucky stars, the pharmacy gives me two doses for two months, so by the time I ran out, it got back in stock.

When it comes to reading, I had a few surprises too. Like Splintered (Splintered #1) by A.G. Howard, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to retellings. My issue with them is that, more often than not, I have a hard time relating. This had some real-life elements that I enjoyed.



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