Rules Around The World Part 1

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In my family, there is traditions and rules that people followed from generation to generation. Which I have a feeling is how some of these laws started. I was browsing on Bored Panda and came upon a list of unique laws worldwide, and like always, I have something to say.

#1 It’s Illegal To Toss Non-Biodegradable Plastic Confetti In Mobile, Alabama

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Actually, I have a story that goes with this one. As a kid, I used to spend months shedding and cutting paper. Then on the day of the local Festa, we went on the balcony and throw it. In reality, it was a trick for me to use my hand’s muscles. Anyway, one year I worked super hard and shredded about four substantial garbage bags worth of paper. So, we throw the paper like we do every year, and half an hour later, there is police at the door giving my parents a fine for littering too much.

#2 Billboards Are Banned In Alaska, Maine, Vermont, And Hawaii

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In the case of Malta, it can become an issue of inaccessibility. Since here, they tend to install the pole for the billboard in the middle of the pavement. Making it impossible for anything with wheels to pass.

#3 Wearing High Heels Is Prohibited At Some Historical Sites In Greece

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I do agree with this one because I believe that any kind of history needs to be protected. For it to last for the next generations to come. However, I wonder if wheels are allowed. From my experience, they are because I did go on school outings like Ggantija Temples. (The Ggantija Temples are found in Gozo, and they have a ton of history I need to post about one day.

Since the Bored Panda post has 30 weird sounding laws and me having a lot to say, Iā€™m splitting it into parts. I hope you enjoy it!




7 thoughts on “Rules Around The World Part 1

  1. In NJ: it’s still illegal to make a turn without hand signals.Car dealerships must remain closed on Sundays (most of us planning to buy cars soon use the day to go window shopping without having to deal with the salesmen).Birds can’t poop on statues.No knitting while fishing.No slurping soup in a public venue.And if the horn goes off while making out in the car, the couple can face jail time.

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      1. Almost never enforced. Do research; every jurisdiction on this planet has weird or outdated laws that are rarely enforced. In common law areas like the US, you’ll have a law that’s technically still “on the books”, but a judge has dismissed as illegal; but the legislative branch never goes through the proper procedure to dismiss the law as well. Oftentimes someone with a vendetta will try to use these archaic laws to get another party in trouble.

        In the South, plenty of areas still have laws in place banning having more than one child out of wedlock, with threats of heavy fines and jail time. Some are afraid conservatives will try to use them to create problems for same sex couples who want to have kids, when the laws were originally created during the “Jim Crow” era against blacks.

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