Can You Pick A Topic For Me Please?

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I thought I would challenge myself a bit and leave what I blog about up to my readers. I have to be honest what scares me and 30 topics or words I can build a post with. It would be awesome to see where my mind takes me upon thinking about that word or subject.

An experiment, if you will see if I can reach a few aims:

  • Which posts you love the most
  • Might create some collaborates
  • Finding something new to love blogging
  • Taking a look at how my stats will change
  • Chatting with you
  • Opening up new blogging doors

If I don’t get 30 things to write about, I will blog randomly like I always do. By the way, am I the one who wants to get some books? If you ask for a book haul, it will be my excuse to see what is currently on Amazon. Before I go, link me to your favourite blogger, and I will follow them if I don’t already.



19 thoughts on “Can You Pick A Topic For Me Please?

  1. Hi Alex, As usual, love the blog. As you love words and reading I needed to share the book I am reading with you.
    It is called “The Dictionary of Lost Words” by Pip Williams she is a new author.
    I could give you many subjects or words to get you thinking about a new blog, but I always worry other peoples sense of humour or social passions may not be the same as mine, so I am cautiously holding back for now. I wish you a wonderful day and an amazing weekend
    Sue B.

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  2. I need to find more lgbtqia+ blogs to follow on wordpress, especially ftm or other afab blogs. I follow on twitter, instagram, and social media … but I want to follow blogs. Get longer-form content to read. But not just blogs documenting one’s transition, but their thoughts on all kinds of stuff. While trying to post more frequently on blog, improve my networking so more people can reach out to my blog. I had a couple dozen of followers, but when trying to transfer from hosting on wordpress (.com) to self-hosting, a hiccup in my transferring erased me from people’s readers. Ah, well, back to basics.

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  3. Have you blogged about why you like blogging? I think that would be pretty interesting. Or actually–about language acquisition? I’ve been following you for a while and only just recently realized your first language might not be English, and I’m curious about the languages you speak and how you learned them(including English) if my guess is right.

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  4. A while ago I exchanged a series of poems with someone which were “right now” poems, titled by the time, covering different times of day. An example is .
    I’ve always wanted to collaborate with someone to do a complete set of “hours”, one person posting a particular hour, then the other replying with their poem about that same hour for them, about what they’re doing, or thinking, or where they are…
    Would you be interested in collaborating on a series of “hours” poems?

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      1. Well, whenever you’re ready, post an “hours” poem, and I’ll write one for the same hour and ping back to yours! No length constraints, could be as short as a haiku or as long as you want. 🙂

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