Sharing Thoughts About Blogging Part 1

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Hey, it’s me like every day. I recently have some thoughts about blogging and how it changed in the 3+ years I have been on WordPress. If I blogged or wrote for the money, I would have quit years ago. I will take a look at the ads, followers and some in-betweens.

The Value of The Post:

What do I mean by the value of the post? When it comes to my blog, I can see a significantly different change in views when I post poetry or about my life to the days I write about books. I guess the people who follow me can relate more to specific topics than others.

The ‘fake’ followers:

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who notices this, but companies are creating ads by starting a blog. I can see the mindset of where that company is coming from. To make an advertising campaign costs a ton of money which makes it impossible for businesses who just started or ones that have fallen on hard times. The disadvantage for bloggers like me is that they follow once and never return to your blog again. The number of followers isn’t a clear indication of how well your blog is doing.

As time goes by, the blogging world keeps changing, and we need to change with it. I’m not the best when it comes to doing blog graphics. I guess I don’t have the eye for it even if I try my best. I’m not a king when it comes to social media, which is a drawback for me.



10 thoughts on “Sharing Thoughts About Blogging Part 1

  1. I love how people keep saying blogging is dead; no, it just evolved. Half the tech news sites I follow are technically commercialized blogs. All things amateur / hobby eventually mature and commercialize on the web, because we all need to make income to make ends meet. I blog when something hits my mind; sometimes I’ll post every few days, sometimes every few weeks. (I also state blatantly everywhere my blog is a hobby, no ads, yada yada; because I host my own blog, because I actually pay for everything, I have greater leeway in what I can write, but I also choose to afford the cost of hosting and running my own site.)

    Seeing bots and commercial followers on social media is turning me off from many platforms. Even Clubhouse and Tiktok I refuse to join because it’s not … I don’t need to follow my friends and few internet celebs whom I do like on every platform out there. I’m good with the big ones Instagram and Twitter, and I am on Discord and twitch because they’re positive and community-based. Everybody always encouraging, everybody wants each other to join this and that community; when streamers are done they send viewers to “raid” another streamer, so their view stats increase.

    Twitch used to be gamer-focused, but I see tons of people streaming now about books, art, all kinds of things. While not within my interests, I’d recommend checking it out. Plenty of channels where the streamer shows off what they write, they engage with their viewers. (I once did stay for a raid where a writer was showing off her writing and the readers were finding errors, giving feedback, etc) Give it a try!

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      1. Nah, that’s what a blog enables you to be. If I was as much myself at work as I am on my blog I wouldn’t have a job. 😀 I’m thinking of starting another blog that my family doesn’t know about so I can REALLY be myself, uncensored.
        Keep being yourself.

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  2. I have started on and off..not good with these stuff I do blog because i feel free, expressive. But down the line some time frustrated as am I doing right way? I don’t know at times it annoying.

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