Top Ten Tuesday/ Nature’s Beauty Covers

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May 11: Books with Nature on the Cover (flowers, trees, landscapes, animals, etc.)

When I blogged the Top 5 Wednesday last week, I didn’t realise how similar both prompts are. So, I’m picking books that remind me of nature in any way.

Unexpectedly Mine (Birch Crossing #1)

That sunset is to die for!

All That Glitters (Italian Summer, #2)

I really liked the pinks in the sky and the sea, which enhances the writing inside.

Pastels and Jingle Bells (Heavenly Bites Novella #1)

It looks like a natural life winter wonderland.

Winter in Sweetwater County (Sweetwater County, #1)

This might sound weird, but I did add it to my list because while I was looking at covers, this one caught my writer’s eyes. I was picturing a small town where everyone knows everyone, like where I grew up.

Love at Cooper's Creek

Not only is the cover is breathtaking, but this novel is perfect for reading at the beach and under a blanket before you go to bed.


I wish that novels like Bump get more hype and love, which is why I used it in countless posts.

Maple Summer Wallace: A Novel

Am I the only guy who dreams of seeing a sky full of stars while it is likely I never will?

Marred: Kyle and Violet (Cliffside Bay, #4)

This flower is gorgeous on the cover that it almost looks made by magic, not nature.

The Elephant Whisperer: Learning About Life, Loyalty and Freedom From a Remarkable Herd of Elephants
The Last Rhinos: My Battle to Save One of the World's Greatest Creatures

If I didn’t include these two in my list of nature, it would be a shame because they talk about so many lessons that nature has to give us, but we need to listen.



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