Storm in A B Cup – A Breast Cancer Tale by Lindy Dale

Storm in A B Cup - A Breast Cancer Tale
Book Cover from Goodreads

I knew that this was going to be a challenging read for me for many different reasons. Strangely the reasons are why I keep thinking about it and review it today. I, like many trans people, have a lot of dysphoria around my chest. Just to make you aware of how bad it can become, even the word ‘breast’ used to trigger me, which is why I won’t be using it a ton here.

I admire the way Sophie took her cancer diagnoses. Cancer tends to run in my family, so having seen it first hand, I know how heartbreaking it can be when receiving such diagnoses. As bad as this might sound, the dark humour in this book made it easier for me to read.

What broke me was that Sophie lost relationships with people she cared about of this illness. From personal experiences, how horrible it can feel when people come face to face with my disability and leave. I want to make people aware looks can be deceiving because treatment doesn’t affect everyone the same.

The most important message to take away from this book is to get checked no matter what your gender is. Although we tend to associate breast cancer with being female, it still can occur in males too. I had a difficult time rating this book, but I gave it 4 four stars—just a reminder to support more self-published authors like this one.

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8 thoughts on “Storm in A B Cup – A Breast Cancer Tale by Lindy Dale

      1. I feel that I have passed this message on to my son who is a good person and sets a good example in times like those you described. I have also learned that some people just can’t cope with such things so instead run from them. Most of these people will likely never change. They have trouble being reminded how lucky they are.

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