Triangles, Polygon, Color, Pink, Violet, Lilac, Orange
Image from Pixabay

At 7-years-old
I asked my aunt
Why boys need to have blue
And girls pink?
Why can’t the baby
Growing in my mummy’s tummy
Have yellow instead?
That was the first time
I remember
I started to question gender
And connecting the dots
Of what this really means
About me


3 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Yellow and green are considered gender neutral colors and were used frequently back in the day, before it was common to know the gender of the babies before it was born. Even when my son was born, I had a lot of “gender neutral” colors, didn’t really want the stereotype of boy/girl. I think there was even a little pink thrown in here and there…
    There was a time when all babies wore dresses, until they were potty trained or no longer needed diapers. It was easier for mom to make the dress than trousers. My dad wore a dress until he was a year or so old, my son had a couple “gowns”… Sleeping gowns for babies, or whatever they’re called, can still be found today. The phenomenon of boy/girl…blue/pink is really only a recent thing…there was a time when pink was the color of royalty. (Kings/queens clothing was dyed red, and with time would fade to pink.)

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