Top Ten Tuesday/ Books That Make Me Want To Travel

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March 30: Places In Books I’d Love to Live

Confession time, I have a hard time figuring where books are set, so here are some books that made me want to discover the world.

Dying to Meet You

Liz is going on a trip around the world, from Africa to Paris, doing some good everywhere she goes.

Dream Catchers: A Rockstar Romance

I liked this book because Haley Foster took a leap of faith by going to New York because she took that path. She discovered so much about herself.

Last Chance Motel (Last Chance Romance #1)

Going to a place like Key Largo would be heaven because it would be a treat to see what Eva saw in this book.

Ready Player One (Ready Player One, #1)

In a way, it would be awesome to travel into a video game where you can make everything accessible to you. That would mean freedom having no limits that this world puts on you.

Ready or Not in Dog Town (Dog Town Prequel #0)

Living around dogs everywhere would be a dream.

Little Loves (The Church Dogs of Charleston #2)

Most of the times, I believe it is the people that live that is what can make or break a city or town.

Finding Harmony (The Sydney Roberts Series, #1)

In Harmony, WIFI is unheard of, so you would be forced to unplug and live in real life for a bit, not throw a screen.

Eat, Pray, Love

Another book about self-discovery and soul searching while enjoying the beauty that this world had to offer.

The Saffron Gate

This book shows the richness of Morocco, from culture to scenery.

Boyfriend Material

The UK is always a place that I want to visit. I was told that my grandpa had roots there, so in a way, it means a connection between him and I. it’s sort of weird to have a link to a man I never met. Since my grandad died way before I was born.

What is your dream place you want to visit?

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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday/ Books That Make Me Want To Travel

  1. I love books that are set in different, interesting locations. I took a trip to Asia after reading “Oriental Hotel.” It was so cool. Location is often a character in my books.

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  2. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦


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