Top Ten Tuesdays/ Fun Titles Or Characters

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March 23: Funny Book Titles

Flirtasaurus (Natural History, #1)

The cover sounds it is going to be a fun read. From reading a bit of the blurb, this book will be read soon.

Head Over High Heels

So, the main character is doing headstands or what? I don’t know. I haven’t got to this book yet.

Guilty Feet

Oh gosh, I didn’t know Joanna’s feet had emotions too!

A Hairy Tail (A Hairy Tail, #1)

This is such a short novel that I didn’t see the cover. So, I was picturing a man with a hairy tail.

A Granny Is For Life, Not Just Christmas

It’s the funniest holiday novel I ever read, so if you are like me and the holidays aren’t the easiest time for you. This is the kind of book I would suggest you pick up.

If She Were Blind (The After Twelve Series Book 1)

Laney Wylde, the author, had the skill to talk about serious matters with humour. Which gets even more in your skin.

Love at First Bark (Love Unleashed, #0.5)

It will steal your heart at first bark.

Wedding Night

I think Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella is the first book that I read as an adult that made me laugh out.

Year of the Chick

Another laugh-cracker book I read this year is Year of the Chick (Year of the Chick #1) by Romi Moondi.

One Last First Date (Cozy Cottage Café, #1)

As a fact, I think that Kate O’Keeffe is easy-going and funny. Still, my personal favourite is One Last First Date (Cozy Cottage Café #1).

I know I ran away with this week’s prompt, but at least I can say I tried.



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