Meet This Hair Prodigy

Images from the article I linked below

I was on YouTube, and a video caught my eye, a clip of this 6-year-old doing these beautiful haircuts that even a trained adult might have a hard time with. Parents should be proud of their kids’ abilities, passions, or skills, even if it is just a drawing on a piece of paper. It helps to build self-worth and confidence in that child. I’m happy that Jiang Hongqi’s were open to see their son’s talent and have that trust in him.

From what I read, both his parents are hairdressers, so it looks like doing hair is in the family’s DNA. Some are saying that Jiang Hongqi has the potential to become the next Vidal Sassoon. Vidal Sassoon is a powerhouse in the hairdressing world, with salons and academies all around the world.

I think growing around his parent’s salon is the reason why he was able to start his career so early in his life. It all began when the South China Morning Post posted a video on Twitter with the 6-year doing his thing like a pro. I have to be honest, if I haven’t watched the video myself, I would think it was real,

What can’t go unnoticed is his dexterity which is impactable for a boy of 6. I mean, when I was 6, I had to learn how to hold the scissors with my Cerebral Palsy. While this hair prodigy has already the haircutting technique down. Signs are showing that Jiang will become a hair master.

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