Ranking High School Musical Songs

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As a teen, I was a massive fan of High School Musical movies. If you reading this and don’t what I’m talking about, they are movies like The Greatest Showman but cheesier. I call them teen movies since the target audience were teens. The first film came out on January 20, 2006, meaning I was 10. However, I don’t think I watched until I was 11.

By then, everyone at school talked about it. Being that I went to a private school, everyone had a Disney channel. I didn’t; that was the year we had internet installed at home. I really wanted to watch this movie everyone was talking about. So I begged my mum to get a cd with the film on it.

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When she bought me the cd, I remember I got up super early for school to go downstairs to watch it. From that day on, all I listened to was High School Musical songs. I’m going to listen to the music from the 3 movies to refresh my memory. To see how I would rank them as an adult.

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Start Of Something New 4/10

Get’cha Head In The Game 2/10

What I’ve Been Looking For 3/10

What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise) 5/10

Stick To The Status Quo 6/10

When There Was Me And You 4/10

Breaking Free 6/10

We’re All In This Together 3/10

What Time Is It 5/10

Fabulous 1/10

Work This Out 7/10

I Don’t Dance 7/10

You Are The Music In Me 5/10

Gotta Go my own way 9/10

Bet on it 9/10

All for One 2/10


Now or Never 3/10

I Want It All 2/10


A Night To Remember 5/10

The Boys are Back 4/10

Walk Away 7/10

Scream 8/10

Just Wanna Be With You 3/10

A Night To Remember 1/10

Senior Year 4/10

Final Thoughts:

I realize that my music taste has changed a lot; a few of the songs are still reliable to me. Most of the music; it’s too cheesy for me to listen to. Thinking back on this post shows me how much I wanted to fit it.



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