Crazy in Love (Matt & Anna #1) by Annabelle Costa

Crazy in Love (Matt & Anna, #1)

I was in no way planning to review this book, and that’s for 2 reasons. First, my hands are killing me today, so I shouldn’t be typing, and no, I can’t use voice recognition because it doesn’t understand my accent. On top of that, the software I was offered can’t handle background noise which is impossible to avoid. However, having read this book, I know how important it is for others to read it too.

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Anyway, moving on to my thoughts on this book. The title Crazy In Love has a double meaning. That is because one of our characters, Anna, is known by her co-workers as ‘crazy Anna.’ Based on her habits, I saw signs of OCD. Even if Anna is a fictional character, I still didn’t want to label her. Matt just got diagnosed with MS. I mean, I can’t even try to imagine what it’s like for able-bodied to ending up in a wheelchair. What touched me the most is the connection they found between them while making the average world accessible to them.

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In my honest opinion, I think that disability was represented well, which I find is rare in books. It was also cool to see Anna and Matt get out of their comfort zone for the sake of love. I gave it 5 stars and highly recommend giving it a read.



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