Hopes and Fears As An Author

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In 2020 the pandemic affected writers and authors. Not being able to do book events in person. However, I think two good things came out of it. The first is I think since events were done online; it reached more people. If anything, good came out, the lockdown has more time for everyone to do what they love to do, including reading. On the other side, places like libraries and bookshops were close.

I mean writing and blogging was what got out of this sort of sane. My hopes are that a project that I talked about in my posts will be done by mid-2021. The title is Turning Paige. It revolves around two main characters Paige and Stella. It deals with family problems, gender issues and relationships. It is written in verse and was a roller coaster to write.

My fear is that no one will want to read it or buy it. My aim when I started this project because my young self craved to read this kind of story, and I believe that there is a place and need for it. Some of it is based on my own life. Some of it is fiction. My hope is to work with a local publishing house, but that is to be seen once it’s written and edited.



5 thoughts on “Hopes and Fears As An Author

  1. Good luck! Something I’ve heard a lot is to make sure it’s edited to the point where you want it to be before you send it, even if it takes several rounds. Get beta reader(s) too, as they’ll help you find things.

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