Freebie Fridays #3

I’m pro-blogging this post ahead of time, being the situation in America. Um, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I hate politics. However, I feel that the LGBT+ community was a target for Trump to harm. He wanted to pass laws that would hurt trans people, and when you try to break one of us, it feels like an attack on all of us.

The cherry on the cake is that The Voting Booth is by Brandy Colbert, who is black and some reason that I don’t understand Trump seem to have issues with race too.

First Lines:

statements, so I really mean it when I say I’ve been waiting for this day my entire life.
November 3. Election Day. But not just any election day—it’s the first one that I’ll be able to vote in. Finally.
I’m still doing my morning stretches when there’s a knock at my door.

The Book:

The Voting Booth
Cover From Goodreads

Download link Here.

Goodreads Here.



6 thoughts on “Freebie Fridays #3

  1. As much as Trump is anti-LGBTQ+, it makes sense from a historical (but definitely not moral!) perspective why the US can’t shake our past mistakes when it comes to race. I think we can overcome all our collective prejudices eventually, but it’s a grave misfortune and sin that we haven’t done so already.

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