Can I Watch 12 Movies In A Year?

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I wrote this post yesterday, but it didn’t save so love that for me. I binge watch true crime series while I’m playing a game on my iPad. I watch stuff when my relationship isn’t that great so to get my mind off the food I’m eating, I will start a series. However, for some reason, I rarely see a film. To fix this habit, I will try to watch a movie a month and review it because I love writing movie reviews.

The first one is Holding The Man, and I read this autobiography in November during Read-a-thin, but I wanted to see it with my best friend. However, since I’m still living in Gozo, I couldn’t hang out with my friends a ton. I have to say that we tried to watch it last month but lost interest so hopefully, I will watch this month.

Next up is the movie Clouds based on the book Fly a Little Higher by Laura Sobiech. Zach is a teen dealing with cancer, and Laura, his mum, wrote the book. The only issue I might find is that it’s on Disney+ and I don’t have Disney+.

Continuing with the ongoing theme, I want to watch The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. I read the book last year, I believe and never got around to see the film.

To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You is on my list because I started watching it while waiting in hospital and many thoughts came up, and I had nowhere to write them. My sister then said she didn’t like it as much as the first one, so I haven’t watched it yet.

The next film on my radar is Our Souls At Night. I read the book and started watching it with a friend but never finished it.

If you have been following me for a while you know, I love Christmas movies, and one that I have my eye on is Operation Christmas Drop.

So, I guess that’s the first six movies I’m planning to watch for the first half of the year.



8 thoughts on “Can I Watch 12 Movies In A Year?

  1. Operation Christmas is horrible haha like classic hallmark cheesy and that guy is in Vikings! Just shocking what a cheese ball he is in this film.
    Holding the man. I read the book. Enjoyed it. Haven’t seen the film yet either.
    To all the boys I love or whatever, the first one is better but I still like the second one.
    Have you seen the kissing booth on Netflix or bridgerton? Those I would recommend 🙂


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