Freebie Fridays #1

I want to try something new that I’m not sure will work. The idea is to a favourite or a book I like and try to find an eBook of that book and share the link with you.

The book I picked is my read of 2020 or in my case a reread. It’s one of the books that I think you’re of hearing about it from me. The book is Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard by Alex Bertie. I brought the physical copy 2 times, and both times I ended gifting to people who mean a lot to me

Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard

First Lines

Five years ago, I left a note on my dad’s desk.
Last Christmas, I wrote Mum a letter—and I know you read it too, but we never spoke about it and since then that’s all I’ve wanted. I just want to be honest and I really need your support because well, you’re my dad. I guess I’m just scared. Scared of talking to you, scared of what you’ll think of me… just scared of everything.

Trans Flag Pronoun Button - OCRCC
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If you want to add it to Goodreads, click here.

Download link here.

I will be sharing my thoughts with you soon.



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