Access Doesn’t Mean Accessibility!

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What do I mean by access doesn’t always translate to accessibility? For example, I do have an accessible van because my mum bought one. However, if people park too close to our vehicle and leave no space for the ramp, I still can’t enter the van. Which is why on the booth or side door of wheelchair user-friendly there is a sticker to remind you to keep some space.

A question I get a lot when I’m outside is why aren’t using the sidewalk? Well, at least in Malta most pavements aren’t the same width all the way through. So, one second, you’re strolling minding your own business the next, you are on the ground with your wheelchair on top of you which isn’t fun believe me.

Do you think that all wheelchairs are the same size? The answer is no, in fact, my chair doesn’t fit in some kind of elevators, bathrooms, doors etc. Can I go outside by myself, yes, I can, but that depends on where I am.

When I’m in Gozo since I live in the city, I wouldn’t even risk with the amount of traffic, and it got worst as time went by. If you ask any Maltese, they tell you that we don’t have the best roads. As a matter of fact, if I got paid a euro every time my wheels get stuck in a hole, I might be rich. I find that Malta drivers are a bit more respectful when they see a wheelchair user in the streets, but this is just my opinion.

I know that if I start talking about the topic of accessibility, I can keep going forever. So, I’m going to wrap it up here for today.



5 thoughts on “Access Doesn’t Mean Accessibility!

  1. I agree even here the drop down curbs aren’t accessible I struggle when I’m out in my chair cos the footplates catch and that and ppl Park their cars

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