Baclofen Pump Implant Trial (Story Time)

The Obtunded Patient — Brown Emergency Medicine
Image from Google

Around 2014, my muscle pain was at its peak. So, the doctor who takes care of my Cerebral Palsy referred me to the pain clinic. The first doctor I had would inject me in my legs and shoulders, and the pain went away for a month. Nevertheless, the pain came back even worse. When that doctor gave up on my case. I was given another doctor, the new doctor brought forward the idea of a Baclofen pump implant.

Now, Baclofen is a muscle relaxer that helps with spasms. It’s a medication I have been taking all my life in oral form, and it’s a med I can’t live without, believe I tried to do so as a teen, and that sent me to the hospital. So, it was time for the Baclofen pump implant trial.

What they do in the trial is to insert a catheter in the spinal column, and you are awake for that and let me tell it was the most painful medical thing I went through. The worst was yet to come. I remember being on the bed in the recovery room, crying my eyes out while trying to stay quiet.

I was in pain, but I couldn’t move my legs and barely had any feeling in them. I was close to paralysed, and that terrified me. By the way, the doctor didn’t tell us that this could happen and I suspect that she did this on purpose knowing that my mum wouldn’t sign for the trial.

The next day they removed the catheter and sent me home. However, as I reached the hospital entrance, I fainted, and mum had to somehow take me back the ward. The new symptoms were vomiting, fainting and severe migraines. What happened was that the hole where the catheter was didn’t close, and my spinal fluid was leaking. Which is the reason they had to take me back to surgery when they figured out what was wrong.



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