Goodreads Picks My TBR #1

Here is my first TBR of the year and I’m doing it a bit different this year. On Goodreads, I currently have 113 books to read. I thought it would be cool to let Goodreads picks my TBR. By going on Goodreads on my want to read shelf put sort at random. Keep in mind that I recently added 100 books from my kindle as my aim is to read more ebooks.

The only 2 books I will be keeping myself are the 2 books LGBT+ reads. Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard by Alex Bertie, which my sister brought a physical copy because I gave my old copy away. The next book I’m picking up is Any Given Lifetime by Leta Blake, and all I know about that is that it is a male/male romance.

Any Given Lifetime

Now on to the fun part, let’s see which 8 books Goodreads will want me to read this month. Wish me luck!

Year of the Chick

This one is a contemporary romance, and I’m questioning if I’m the one who dislikes the term chick-lit? As if you need to be female to enjoy this book?

The Extra (The Extra Series, #1)

This cover got my eyes when I saw it.

The Unveiling (Age of Faith, #1)

This is a book that I’m not that looking forward to reading but, there must be a reason why I clicked buy.

My Heart Underwater

Yay! I wanted to read this one an LGBT+ 2020 release.

The New Mrs D: An Hilarious, Uplifting, Anti-Romantic Comedy

This cover reminds of a Sophie Kinsella novel.

This Love

When it comes to cover this one turns me off personally, I tend not to like people on a cover because at times all covers start to look alike. However, as I said in the first post of this year, I’m making an effort to read more indie authors.

Mistletoe and Wine

I have wanted to read this one since last December so it must be a sign that it showed up again.

Puppy Love by the Sea (Volume 3)

It looks like it will be a cute and fluffy one.



10 thoughts on “Goodreads Picks My TBR #1

  1. When I was growing up, I read so many books that were intended for girls “because I’d finished reading my library books so I read my sisters.” The truth was I really enjoyed them, and would try to convince my sisters to choose books I wanted to read. I don’t think books can be divided by gender, there shouldn’t be shame in exploring any book no matter the “intended audience.”

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