Blogmas Day 13 Try A Movie

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In the book community, there is the try a chapter challenge, when you read the first chapter of x number of books see which one catches your eye and you read it. I thought I would put a twist to it and do it with holiday movies. I will watch 5 movie trailers tell you my thoughts on each one and see which one I end up watching.

The trailer I started things off with is Last Christmas it came out last year, I like how upbeat Kate is even if she has some kind of condition. My sister went to see it at the cinema, and she said she cried but not the trailer doesn’t look like a tearjerker.

The next movie I might watch is My Christmas Inn, this film is on Netflix. It’s about this woman that inherits this inn from her grandma which leads to go from city life to living in a small town.

In Christmas Made To Order, an architect is left to host his family for Christmas dinner for the first time ever. So, he hires a holiday coordinator to help him, and I guess things go from there.

Okay, so before I tell you which one I’m watching write your guess in the comments and no cheating! So the movie is…

My Christmas Inn (TV Movie 2018) - IMDb
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It sucks that Netflix doesn’t have my favourite movie this time of year which is The Greatest Showman.



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 13 Try A Movie

  1. 1. The Greatest Showman is absolutely amazing. It’s one of my favorites too.
    2. I don’t know why, but I feel like you’d really enjoy this movie. My fiance and I found it looking for a good zombie flick one night, and we really enjoyed it:


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