Blogmas Day 2 How Many Christmas Books Can I Read?

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Hey, it’s me the day I’m writing this is the 2nd of November, but this guy already has reading plans for December. Every December, I try to read books with the word ‘Christmas’ in the title. It’s a tradition I started about 3 years ago. I usually look on Amazon and find a bunch of free books. However, this year I found about 207 books in my kindle with the word ‘Christmas’ in the title.

So, technically I have 207 books on my December TBR. Now if I’m doing my math right, I would have to 9 books a day. Which I don’t think is humanly possible now I know that I read books fast, but I’m not that fast. I’m aiming for 30 books and hoping that I find a queer book that is Christmas themed and if you guys have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

I don’t know much about these books. Which can be a problem for some but I like going into books not knowing anything about them. I typically pick up a book based on my mood. Now let’s see the first 12 books on my list.

A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong by Cecilia Grant

A Christmas of Hope by Danyelle Ferguson

A Granny Is For Life, Not Just Christmas by Maureen Reil

A Marvell Country Christmas (Men of the Marvell Ranch #2) by Jeannie Watt

A Perfect Christmas Gift (Kringle, Texas #1) by Lori Wilde

A Vicarage Homecoming (The Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite #4) by Kate Hewitt

Belle’s Christmas (Pancake Club Christmas Book 4) by Marilyn Conner Miles

Bud’s Christmas Wish by Ashley Nemer

Christmas Angel by Suzanne D. Williams

Christmas Light (Christmas in New York #2) by Jolyse Barnet

Christmas On Main Street (Santa’s Secret Helpers #1) by Leeanna Morgan

Christmas with You (Stewart Island #4) by Tracey Alvarez


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