A Bit About Diabetes

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Being that two people in my close family are diabetics. Diabetes is a condition I have an intimate view of, and it’s one of the common diseases I had to study as part of my A ‘level. In recent years it has become more common to develop diabetes due to the way we are eating. Therefore, it is critical to have some kind of knowledge about it.

What is Diabetes?

The simple explanation is when the pancreas (the organ responsible for producing insulin) is slow or in some cases not working at all. So, when the sugar enters the bloodstream, it isn’t appropriately broken.


Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas doesn’t make any insulin at all. This type usually is hereditary and likely to be diagnosed during early age or even at birth. In this case, the person is insulin-dependent and needs to inject it every day.

Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas isn’t producing enough insulin to cope with the levels of sugar in the bloodstream. The leading cause of type is the high sugar foods in the diet, which makes the most common type.

Gestational diabetes can develop in pregnant women and goes away once the baby is born. However, this puts the mum at a higher risk of having diabetes type 2 later on in life.

Additional Health Issues Diabetes Can Cause

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • kidney disease
  • eye problems
  • dental disease
  • nerve damage
  • foot problems

What Steps To Take To Prevent Diabetes?

I found a post from Healthline that talks about extra steps that I didn’t know about. I will link the whole post below if anyone wants to read it but here are the bullet forms:

  • Cut down sugar and refine carbs
  • Exercise
  • Water should be your go-to drink
  • Keep a health weight
  • Quit Smoking
  • Follow a Very-Low-Carb Diet
  • Watch Portion Sizes
  • Avoid Sedentary Behaviours
  • Eat a High-Fiber Diet
  • Optimize Vitamin D Levels
  • Minimize Your Intake of Processed Foods
  • Drink Coffee or Tea

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9 thoughts on “A Bit About Diabetes

  1. As someone who grew up with diabetes around them first hand my mum has type 2 my grandda type 2 and later in life my great grandda type 2 I can tell you that type 2 is usually hereditary and not preventable by exercise this is a misconception that even Dr’s get wrong and books as I knew my great grandda he was fit as fiddle walked everywhere grew his own vege and was a picture of health right till he died in his 90s it was only near the end he couldn’t walk any more but got diabetes in his 70s my sister weighs 8 stone (51kg) watches what she eats and us borderline and had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies I as you know am overweight and all my levels are normal and I’m not at risk even before I was vegan and I obviously didn’t watch my food in early adulthood and yes diabetes type 2 can be diet control but most of the time medication is needed as well type 1 however is congenital now that doesn’t necessary mean it is herradatory I knew of one girl in my class when I was 8 with no other family members have it and she has type 1 and she must watch her sugar intake a Dr once told my mum that certain people are resistant to insulin and its like a rusty lock no matter how many keys you try you can’t unlock the lock
    Hope my explanation helps

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      1. What I was trying to say before is even though you are correct in studies generally believe that type 1 is most likely hereditary and type 2 diabetes doesn’t follow a inheritance pattern but as you most often medical conditions don’t follow by the book studies can be wrong experts can be wrong teachers can be wrong eg my support worker studied autism and learnt one thing and told me each individual is different you should behave A B C according to text book but instead you behave
        1 2 3 totally different same like for cerabal palsy you behave almost steriotypical textbook ABC apart from difficult with spoech whereas someone else can be 123 and hard to diagnose because they presented as neo typical so it is always best to learn both from book and experience as my mum was told she had type 2 diabetes yet it seems she inherited it off her father and may pass it to her children and all nurses agree it is best to follow a good diet protein can help lower sugar levels and carbs make it Spike yet my sister is at risk and I’ve never been so that defies text book no one answer is right no one answer is wrong basically.

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      2. Sorry my anxiety, I’m always thinking, over thinking especially different ways to explain things I also know not to worry

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