Can You Give Me A Hand?

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Image from Pixabay

Hey Guys,

A few weeks ago, I got a friend request on Facebook. From looking at the profile photo, I knew the guy from somewhere, but it didn’t click where that was straight away, so I asked him. Then it clicked in my head. I met him the first time I went to the gender clinic, and I remembered him because he was the only trans person that spoke to me that day and I really needed someone to talk to me that day.

We became fast friends, and I dare to say become a close friend of mine. I helped him start a blog. I know how it can be discouraging when you starting blogging, and no one is reading it. So, tonight I’m asking you to give me a hand and go check out his blog at Transcending Knight. He’s a fantastic writer and loyal friend, so please go check his stuff.

Thank you beforehand,



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