Holidays Celebrated In November Part 1

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My readers from America are celebrating Thanksgiving this month. In all honesty, the little I know about it is from having been in a relationship with an American. Which is how the idea for this post became about. I researched holidays around the world that take place in November.


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Bonfire day, which is also known as Guy Fawkes Day, is mainly celebrated in the UK on the 5th of November. In 1605, this tradition started after a plot to kill the protestant King James I. The following year as a way to remember this day, people were given a day off, and bonfires were lit.


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EL DÍA DE LA TRADICIÓN or Day of Tradition as translated in English is a holiday in Argentina of the 10th. This date was chosen to pay tribute to the Argentine poet José Hernández, who lived from1834 to 1886. He wrote the narrative poem the gaucho Martin Fierro and then The Return of Martín Fierro, stories in verse form are among his most famous works.


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“Narrentag” or “Foolsdays” as translated in English. Is celebrated in the countries of GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and AUSTRIA on the 11th of November. Which marks the beginning of the so-called fifth season that lasts through the period of Lent. (In Malta Lent typically starts anywhere from February to March).

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow

5 thoughts on “Holidays Celebrated In November Part 1

  1. What an interesting post. Not a holiday as such but I know from my husband being on a business trip that in Japan they celebrate , “Shichi-Go-San”/“Seven-Five-Three” which if I remember correctly is a celebration of the rite of passage of young children on November 15th.

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