My First Shot

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Being that I have been waiting for this day to come close to three years. I kept it lowkey but after reviewing how my liver is doing and yes, I’m doing better on that front. My endocrinologist gave the go-ahead to start hormones. However, when I went to take my blood before going to the gender clinic. Sadly, the person taking my blood didn’t take my hormone tests.

I honestly thought I was dreaming when he told me I can start. Luckily two years ago, Malta passed a law for free trans healthcare; as a result, I don’t have to pay for testosterone. Which I felt like a well-needed break since I don’t have an income right now.

Being that I’m taking care and medicine form the government. I needed to signed papers saying that I’m the one responsible for any side effects that might occur from taking hormones. Although, a friend of mine who is taking hormones from an endocrinologist working in the private sector. And they didn’t have to sign anything.

My doctor ordered the hormones, and within two days, my dad picked it up from the pharmacy. However, I couldn’t take my first shot because I had to take blood tests for my endocrinologist to check my hormones levels before I take my first shot



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  1. Good luck hope you’ve had your first shot by now as it’s now December 1 I’m sure you have I’m a bit late in wishing you good luck x

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