Want Me To Do October Poetry Month?

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As you might have guessed, I have been alternating between blogging and poetry each month. Whenever I post any of my writing, it seems that more people like it. Iā€™m not going to lie blogging takes me more time to do because I need to plan the post, do the research and once I have everything I need, I start to write then edit it.

However, when it comes to posting my own writing all, I have to do is type whatever comes to my mind and find an image that matches it then just post it. What do you think about me alternating blogging and my own writing each month? If you believe that plan might work please like this post and if you have any topics you want me to write about put them in the comments!



13 thoughts on “Want Me To Do October Poetry Month?

  1. If there is no outside compulsion then follow your own path, Alex. I have very much enjoyed your poetry. You have such a personal voice.
    I like to set myself goals that stretch each task just beyond what I think I can do. Curiously, as I like to make my own pictures for my prose and verse, for me the time demands are the other way round. Structuring my work time is a question for me too.
    Isn’t it a bit shocking to realise the whole day has been spent reading poetry?

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