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July 28: Freebie (This week you get to come up with your own TTT topic!)

I don’t know why, but I feel that book bloggers don’t get as much love compared to other blogs, so I thought I would share the most recent book blogs I started following. I do hope that you guys go give them a follow too.

I want to start off with Krishia’s Cosy Corner, she’s so talented that I would never have guessed that she’s 12 till I read the about section. All I have to say is that I wish I was half as good as she’s at 12.

If you’re looking for great reviews, you will find them at Hera’s Reads, and she’s under the 100 followers mark.

Next up is Nicole from The Bibliophile Chronicles. If you are looking for fantasy recommendations, she is the girl for you.

Megan’s Book Reviews is a brand new book blog, so please go show her some love.

She Just Wanted To Read has some excellent interviews with authors.

India Reads has some fresh graphics.

The Good Book Nook has an eye-catching blog and booktagram.

Anna from Scones and Tomes gives you a little bit of everything from books to lifestyle.

If you’re looking for simple but powerful book blog Ella’s Book Corner is for you.

Workingham Borough Libraries is a library blog which reminds you how essential libraries are!




27 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday / Book Bloggers I Follow

  1. I follow several book bloggers, Alex and agree they provide an invaluable resource for authors. Great idea for a blog post and all new names to me. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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