Cerebral Palsy and Writing

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Ever since I learned my ABC’s, I wrote, and I don’t think I can ever stop writing. I write when I’m happy to remember the good moments, I write when I’m sad to help lift myself up again. Since the introvert in me isn’t great at vocalizing my feelings. However, writing is a little bit more complicated than me having dyslexia.

When I was 8 or 9, I was in class writing like all my classmates. When all of a sudden, I get these sharp pains in my arm and then my arm goes numb I do remember the pain like it was yesterday. My mum told my doctors, and they started the tests after pretty much testing me for everything under the sun. They found out that I have damaged nerves in both my hands. Which isn’t curable.

I did feel my life was over, I mean, I was into sports and art, and when my doctor told me where the pain is coming from, I knew I couldn’t do the actives I love doing for much longer. I gave it all I could, but at 12 I had to give it up completely.

What bothers me was that the head of school before I moved, schools didn’t believe me or the doctor’s / Occupational Therapist reports. She forced me to write by hand, which feels like the pain from hell. Tying hurts but not as much as writing by hand. It’s the reason why some of my posts don’t have a ton of words.



12 thoughts on “Cerebral Palsy and Writing

  1. I enjoy your blog. Your piece was sad for me as a teacher. I work in classrooms where diversity is is encouraged and one of the reasons I chose the school where I work was precisely that. I’m sorry you had to experience what I could only call cruelty from your head master. I’m so glad you didn’t give up writing! Keep strong, A Library Rat

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