Help 4ocean Clean The Ocean And Keep It Clean!

I was watching a YouTube video, and this ad popped out, and it caught my interest. I think that plastic in the sea or ocean isn’t an ocean problem but a human one so we are also the situation to the issue.  So today I’m here to tell you more about it, and how you too can help the ocean or beaches in the case of Malta.

I read that by 2020 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, and that’s scary that we brought our earth to this condition and don’t forget that we have to live in it. Therefore I’m not surprised that after a trip to Bali Indonesia, Alex and Andrew, who are passionate surfers went on a surfing trip, but as soon as they got into the ocean, they started seeing and grabbing plastic around them.

Andrew and Alex started cleaning the ocean by themselves back in 2015 one plastic piece at a time. However, they soon figured out that this issue is way bigger than they ever dreamed. So in 2017, they built the company 4ocean and here how it works. From the plastic collected they make bracelets, and for every bracelet, they sell they fund the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

Please keep in mind that isn’t only about the environment but for us the human. In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 4,534,558 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines, and that’s mind-blowing. 4ocean currently operates out of multiple countries and employs over 150 people worldwide who work 24/7 picking the trash that you and I don’t recycle properly, we already swim in plastic let’s not make it worst.

A cute thing that I found out while I was doing my research for this post is that Alex, the co-founder of 4ocean has even taught his dog how to pick up plastic and believe me they have their work cut out from them. Every 60 seconds, we cause a tone of plastic to enter the earth of the ocean and seas, which is overwhelming.

4ocean Site

Click to buy a bracelet


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