Accessibility In Malta

Let me start everything off, by saying that this topic was my research at Junior College which did earn me one of my A ‘levels, so I’m talking from research and studies point of view apart from the fact that I’m a wheelchair user myself.

My aim in writing this is to answer a question I hear a lot, and that is “Is Malta wheelchair friendly?” my short answer to that is no, we’re nowhere even close as a country to be wheelchair friendly. And you know what pisses me the most is that the government says that people like me have access to go anywhere they do press releases and whatnot and feeding people misleading news for votes. If you sit in a wheelchair for one day, you will get how hard our life is, and no one will care because they don’t even understand what a wheelchair is.

I’m Maltese, born and breed but I need to voice this pain that my own country is causing me and not just me but all for all wheelchair users that live here.


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3 thoughts on “Accessibility In Malta

  1. I’m really not surprised, unfortunately, and I don’t think one’s days experience would teach anyone anything, I’ve read about ‘experiments’ where people do that, never seems like they have actually learnt anything to me.

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