If I gave you one wish what would it be?

Guys, I did it again, this time I asked If I gave you one wish what would it be?. I have to say that I got more meaningful answers which helps me to reach my aim which to showcase different lives.

I’d probably wish for a log cabin on the south coast of Iceland.

An all-expense-paid trip around the globe.

That ‘d be more hardworking. That I don’t procrastinate and daydream. I want to break my limits every day, every moment of my existence but for some reason, I can’t make it and that I’d always stay sane.

To bring back my parents.

I wish to stop homophobia.

Probably getting my life together or be successful in my life.

Stop World Hunger.

To be with someone, I love and be with them forever. I hate being single.

I badly need work at this moment.

No homophobia and any criticism or sexism and to stop all types of abuse.

Thank you for everyone who answered my question, and for more similar posts check out here.


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