Top Five Wednesday

Hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes and Lainey @ gingerreadslainey.

May 1st: Bookish Things I’ve Changed My Mind About
— This can cover any bookish topic you want: tropes, characters, TBRs, genres, anything!

The first thing that comes to mind; it’s how uncomfortable I’ve become when it comes to reading sex scenes in books, so books like the one below don’t work for me anymore.

Sex in C Major
Sex in C Major
by Matthew J. Metzger

I gave up trying to read all the books on my tbr, so instead, I use it as a guide to guide me for the books I want to read that month.

I appreciate when an author knows about the topic she/he writing about or has done their research.

When reading romance, I prefer LGBT+ characters.

As a teen historical fiction scared but as an adult I love it.

A few years ago I thought there were only a few book lovers like me; however, as I found the book community, I knew I was very wrong.



14 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday

  1. It is good to switch genres often so you don’t feel like you are reading the same tired tropes all he time


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