What’s The Best Thing You Ever Did?

So, what I did was, I went on the site Omegle which is a site where you can chat or video chat with random strangers. I chose to chat, and I asked everyone one. What’s the best thing you ever did? Most people disconnected right away, some answered me but didn’t allow me to put their answer on this blog, and I respected that, some did give me permission to share their answers with you and here they are:

I gave up drinking a year ago, and my life became better.

Failing my suicide attempts.

Helping people where I needed help before.

Trip acid while listening to Ariana Grande and fucking myself in the ass with a dildo.

Well, I guess playing with my sisters.

Well, I stood up to my abusive father.

Coming out.

Making a friend.

Taking a day trip to Chicago probably.

Being someone who didn’t give a fuck about myself, I got out of it and started taking care of myself.

I did this to showcase different lives and situations around the world. If you are one of the people who gave me an answer, thank you even though I don’t know you.

What’s your best thing you ever did? Comment down below!

Till next time,






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