The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) just launched a new campaign that asks for lgbtqia+ people to share their coming out story or merely a message of encouragement for other people in the community who are passing from a hard time or are scared to come of the closet.

I prefer to write than to speak, apart from the fact that I’m a shy person, so it is harder to use my face and voice to get my message out there, so I’m using my words to do that for me. If I remember correctly, I write a post about my coming out story, so if I find it, I’ll link it right here.

Down above I’ll link their Facebook and the original video (I did ask for permission to use the video in my post), so please go support them. My side note for MGRM can you please make your office accessible so people like me can enter because like most places in Malta it’s inaccessible. Okay, apart from my sarcasm, I know some of the people who work there, and they work so hard for the lgbtqia+ community, so please go share, like and support the page and thank you beforehand.


MGRM Facebook Page

If you have any stories or any messages put them down in the comments above, I read and reply to every comment.


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