Are You Up For A Buddy Read With Me?

This is a quick post to, first, thank you guys I just reached 200 followers I know it does sound much, but for me, it means so much. For this weekend I bought my blog from WordPress for 2 years, and I’m nervous, to say the least. Anyway, that’s not why I’m posting this, since I would like to know my followers better I thought why not getting to know them through books so if you want to buddy read with me, in comments below comment the book you want to read with me and some sort of way we can chat and share notes!


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31 thoughts on “Are You Up For A Buddy Read With Me?

      1. Sure! Do you have one in mind? I watched Fantastic Mr Fox yesterday, the style is really cool… maybe something similar?

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      2. Interesting! I will watch it. I don´t have facebook though. I can add you on whatsapp if you feel comfortable, or otherwise I can send you an email?

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      1. Crazy Rich Asians. I’m packed gonna start it today and try to get three or four chapters into it by Saturday. If you wanna use messenger that’s fine, just gimme your info so I can add you. 😁 Otherwise we can use Goodreads messages.

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