Church And Me


I bet that this is going to be a hard post for me to write, but I’ll write anyways. My mum is an ex-nun, yes, you heard me right my mum used to be a nun before she married my dad and had my sister and me. I’m sharing all this with you so that you how much close to church we grew up.

When trying to talk about, LGBTQIA+ issues I would get frowned upon by my parents and school since as a teen I went to a church (the biggest mistake my parents ever did, in fact, I moved schools after four years). A few years back, I was doing my nails; the only thing that was considered ‘girly’ that I would do since I’m a nail-biter. The conversion ended up being on transgender people, and my mum said that ‘’they’re just freaks.’’ Little did she know I’m one of these ‘freaks’.

I recently read a called A Seat at the Table by Simon Bartolo, this book is basically about the LGBTQIA+ community and it touches religion in Malta and speaks about religious people (religious people I know personally) via my mum. As I read what they said about the community and the hatred about people just like me I wanted to cry my eyes out because the people that preach that God is love are the same ones, that hate on humans like them. I might request a meeting with the ex-bishop and tell him how much his words hurt me. Also, the church is why my dad would never accept me as a man.

Be yourself,


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