All The Ian Rankin I read This Year

If you saw my first book haul in January, you know that I bought a lot of Ian Rankin. If I was to be clear, I paid for those books, but I wasn’t the one who chose them. I needed books, but I was sick, so I told my sister (who isn’t a bookworm) to go buy me books with my card and how I ended up with a bunch of Ian Rankin’s books.

Since the books were bought by my sister, I vowed to myself that I would read them no matter what. Here’s the thing every time I’ve tried to read Ian Rankin’s books I either don’t understand a thing which makes me feel stupid or I get it, but I forget what I read after five minutes, so I can never win with this author. Luckily I only have about five books of his to read left.

The List:

Doors Open by Ian Rankin

Exit Music (Inspector Rebus #17) by Ian Rankin

The Hanging Garden (Inspector Rebus #9) by Ian Rankin

The Impossible Dead (Malcolm Fox #2) by Ian Rankin

The Complaints (Malcolm Fox #1) by Ian Rankin

Black and Blue (Inspector Rebus #8) by Ian Rankin

The Black Book (Inspector Rebus #5) by Ian Rankin

Watchman by Ian Rankin

Hide and Seek (Inspector Rebus #2) by Ian Rankin

Mortal Causes (Inspector Rebus #6) by Ian Rankin

Let It Bleed (Inspector Rebus #7) by Ian Rankin


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