Giving Books Arcs Another Try!

I can’t remember if I talked about how I feel about arcs, but I’m going to give them another try.

Why I don’t review arcs anymore?

Back when I started reviewing books, I was still in school and believe or no, I had more time to read because I would do the homework and study in my free lessons, so all I had to do in the evening is pass over what we did in my classes that day. When I started working close to eight hours a day I needed more sleep, so that took over my reading. In a way, I needed my time to do other things.

Why starting again now?

Now that I’ve my blog I feel I’ve gotten better at words, writing and forming my thoughts books and ratings. I know that as of now, I’m working two jobs plus a blog I post every day. However, I want to read and review more new releases. A good of reading more books and the way that will help to read and write about books after their release date is making my laptop reading it to me while I’m doing other things by using Microsoft Edge. A cool feature is that I can choose the speed at which my laptop reads to me.

In Conclusion

I’m excited to start reading arcs again, and in all honesty, I don’t know how I’m doing fit the arcs I might get in my over ending to be read list. It’s another reason why I stopped asking for books because my list was becoming overwhelming now that I’m reading more since I need to post more reviews on here I’ve got my list more under control. Even if I had to honest with all of you my list is bigger than it ever been at 194 books. My biggest anxiety now is being rejected from the ton of books I requested off NetGalley.

Wish me luck,




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