Going back to my childhood home

This weekend I went back to the house I grew in. My parents still own it, and my dad still lives there. For those of you who aren’t Maltese. Gozo is a smaller island, about 25/ 30 minutes away from Malta and you travel on a ferry to cross from Malta to Gozo and vice visa.

Both my parents are Gozitans, so I grew up there. Did all my schooling there and lived there for nearly 18 years. Sadly, I never was super close to my family apart from my mum. Which made it super hard to ask from help when I really needed it. At this point, I’m ashamed to say that I go to Gozo just to see my dogs. Whenever my mum tells me that we need to go there, my anxiety goes throw the roof.

The reason being is that in every room there are photos of me as a girl which doesn’t help my gender dysphoria apart from the fact that it hurts a lot. Not all people living there are against Lgbt+ people far from it in fact I’ve some Lgbt+ friends who are just pure awesome, however for me, there is too much hate from my past that haunts me for the place and people not to make me feel like a fish out of water. Don’t worry all is good now that I’m back in Malta, I’m happy and back to my normal self.


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