My Birthday Week


About two weeks ago I decided to go on holiday this year, I must say that I haven’t been out of the country in more than a decade, so I think it’s about time to do so. I always wanted to go to England since I was told that my granddad was from there. Since my ex mother-law is a wheelchair user, she would know of a good hotel that can cater to my needs that was the first mistake I did. She put my ex on the chat, and he told me the name of the hotel that he named to me before to me. We chatted for a bit, and we unblocked each other. He said to me that he still the ring that he was going to give me.

The next day, his mum started asking me stuff, and I told her that I wish for one of my best friends with us on the trip mistake number two because she broke hell free. She wanted to know who he is, who I knew him. I the stupid told her the truth which is that we are close friends and he’s sometimes is my boss because I write for the company he works at and he is the one who checks my work before it gets published. Just to make it clear my friend never had feelings for one another just a strong friendship (he’s straight I’m not).

The next day we decided that we aren’t going to England after all for a variety of reasons. She’s said that her son will be very hurt by this which I don’t know why that since her son blocked me after he dumped me. I answered like this, your son hurt me a lot when he came to the point where I had to go to therapy after he left because I couldn’t trust anyone. After that, I got blocked which I’m not sad about it. Not gonna lie, the days after I started blaming myself for it all but I’m still alive, and that’s what matters. Hoping that I still manage to go on holiday because I’m looking forward to it.


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