To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy And Movie

Upon reading the first book in this trilogy, I don’t like Lara Jean (the main character) because I felt that she made life issues more prominent than they really were. A thought that came to me while this is that like Lara Jean’s letters we all post stuff online that we might regret that we published online in the future, posts that once they’re out there can never be erased.

Peter, on the other hand, is a playboy but as we see when reading the book there are times when we view the real Peter shine through a guy who isn’t as fake as we think. It’s like a wall that he puts up to protect himself from people. I admire the way Lara Jean’s father tries to keep the girls close to their roots and the roots from the culture even though she died. I love the growth we see in Margot from book to book.

Josh, Margot’s boyfriend and Kitty (Lara Jean and Margot’s little sister) were two of my favourite characters. The actors in the movie were very diverse. Is it weird that I love the gay side character? I enjoyed how much they kept the film close to the books. I gave the books three stars each.


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